Nelson Surveying, Inc. FAQs

Here we will address some of the most asked questions we’ve come across during our years in the industry. If you need additional information or have questions, please call us at 715-682-2692 or fill out our online form. We can also answer all your questions during a free initial consultation.

How much will my survey cost?

Our cost estimate is based on the time and materials needed to complete a project and comply with State standards.  This generally includes on-site fieldwork, monuments, drafting, calculations and occasionally governmental fees.  Each project can vary depending on the services required, project size and materials needed.  Location, terrain, vegetation and access are other considerations that can affect the final costs.  In short, there is no such thing as a ”standard cost” for a survey, which is why we provide detailed estimates.  These estimates will provide a cost range that is expected to cover the project costs.  In the event that costs exceed the estimated range, NSI will contact its clients immediately to discuss the situation and determine the best course of action.

What can I do to reduce the cost of a survey?

Any documentation a client can provide will be helpful during the preparation of our survey.  Title policies or commitments, unrecorded maps and other relevant documents may provide additional insight that can affect the overall costs.  Any existing property corners, monuments and lines near the subject parcel will also make the field work more efficient.  Clients are encouraged to mark these locations and relay that information to us.  All these steps can save us time before and while conducting your survey.

Why is the survey I just had performed different from a previous survey?

There are two main reasons for discrepancies between surveys. First, measurement, by its nature, is subject to error. Two surveyors measuring the same line may obtain different values. Both values should be similar but will not reach the actual theoretical value without repetition and statistical analysis. Second, measurements and decisions are made from found evidence. Surveys performed at different times may have been subject to different evidence. More recent surveys may have benefited from markers or monuments that were not available during initial surveys, or previous markers may have been destroyed. As the available evidence changes, the findings of the surveyor will also change.

What should I look for in a surveying company?

When considering a surveyor, it is essential to find one who is familiar with your local area.  A surveyor that is well versed in local ordinances and general knowledge of the area can help streamline the process to meet the goals of their clients.  Existing and historic surveying information also aides in the efficiency of a project.  The surveyor should also be able to provide a list of clients with whom they have done similar projects.

What is a survey and why do I need one?

The short answer is that Surveyors map the world we live in.  Land surveying is a technique, profession, art and science that comprises a wide range of services.  A surveyor is primarily an expert at interpreting, measuring, mapping and describing real property.  A professional surveyor is the only licensed professional in the State that can establish property corners and boundary lines.  Apart from parcel boundaries, surveyors utilize their expertise to locate, layout, and map physical features ranging from structures to topographical changes.  These 2 and 3 dimensional features may be above and below ground or even underwater.

Surveys are sometimes required by local governments when building on or dividing your property.  This is to ensure proper compliance with local ordinances such as setbacks and minimum Lot areas.  Surveys are also commonly used to design the development of a properties both big and small.  If our buying, selling, building or improving, getting an accurate survey is always worth it.  Real estate is a major investment and a professional survey can help protect that investment and the improvements made on it.


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